Services Offered

Lash Service

Natural single lashes- $120 running a special for $95

Full set single lashes- $200 running a special for $150 

cluster 3d 5d lashes natural look- $80 running a special for $60

Full set 3d 5d lashes- $120 running a special for $80

Strips- $25 

BRAIDS STYLES (all prices includes hair***)

Deposit is required to secure appt paid though paypal send to $30 deposit  for all braid styles with synthetic. $50 deposit for kinksncurls crochet style. $380 for virgin hair human hair braids or twist , $300 for human hair goddess locs/ faux locs. Contact us to confirm your appt or for inquires about your appt



small size: armpit: $200-$250, midback $265-$300, waist 335-350, tail bone length 395-450

Regular size: $175 armpit length, $190-195 midback, $235-250 waist length

meduim: midback $185-190, waist length $220-235, tail bone $250-275


Goodess Box braids

 Goddess box braids-

Small size: 275 armpit, midback $295-300 waistlength $375

regular size $235-250 armpit length, $250-275 mid back, $300 waist length.

Meduim: midback: $250 waist $275


small Goddess Box braids done with low quality human hair

armpit length $295, midback $335-350, waist length $385

The Zoe Kraviz braids with semi wavy %100 human hair(fully braided with human hair

$550-780 Including the hair.(prices based on thickness of clients hair and size wanted)



Bob Braids 

shoulder length: small $200(hair included,  regular: $165-175, medium: $150-165 large: $150(extra hair needed)

Knotless Braids

 Armpit length: (small size $275, regular size $250, medium size 200)

Midback length: (small size $330-350, regular size $285-$300, medium size $250)

Waist length: (small $385-$395, regular $350, meduim $300


Medium large: midback $165-180, waist length $195-220, tail bone length $250-275

Large size:(waist length and above only) *$175-185* butt length $200-220 thigh length $250-300

Extra Large size(waist length and above): $120 and up including hair. 




Goddess knotless Braids synthetic hair

small: armpit $295 mid back $350, waist $420

Regular: armpit $275, mid back: $335, waist length 395 

Medium: mid back $280 waist length $335-$350

Goddess Knotless with low quality human hair

Small size: armpit $295 mid back $365-385, waist $435-450

Regular Size: armpit $300 mid back $350, waist $395

Medium Size: midback $320, waist length 365


Goddess Knotless with %100 human hair included

Small Size: armpit $450 midback $485 waist $545

Regular Size: armpit $395 Midback $450, waist $495

Medium Size: midback $400, waist $465



Boho knotless braids(done with 100% human)

*price including hair* 

size: regular size:armpit- $780, midback-$830, waist length- $880

Medium: armpit length $680, midback $780, waist length $830

Picture of boho braids done in %100 virgin hair for the curls, the braids are done with synthetic hair.



Low quality human hair Boho knotless 

Regular size: $380 armpit length, $450 midback waist length $495

Meduim size $330-350 armpit length, $395 midback, waist length $450



kids braids: 65 and up 



Men braids: $45 and up 


Locs touch up:$80 and up




TWIST STYLES including hair

Senegelese twists: Small size: armpit length: $285-300, midback: $350, waist: $400 regularsize: $235-250 armpit length, $285-295 midback, waist length: $350-375. medium: 250 mid back, $300 waist length. 


Our signature twist Kinks n curls individuals:(done on natural hair only, no heat damage no heat trained hair) Permed or heat trained hair can request for the crochet option. 

6’ $165, 9’ $200, 12’ $230, 14’ $265, 16’ $300, 18’ $350, 20’ $380, 22’425, 24’ $450 want them longer?* request info* 


Our Crochet kinks Hand twisted by Us.( Done on all textures natural heat trained or relaxed) 

Our Cornrow based give you the illusion of an individual look. You can also wear them in a bun, while it maintains the illusion of our individual look as well. 

please Notify us if your hair is bigger or thicker than usual so we can make extra hair than the usual amount used. Thank you. 

prices are slightly more than the individuals, this is including hair and install. 

6’ $185  9’ $220, 12’ $250, 14’ $285 16’ $320 18’ $370, 20’ $400, 22’445 



Bohemian twist( Done on natural texture only): 16’ $285 18’ $300 20’ 335-350 22’ & 24’ $380



 meduim/large size bohemian twist 24’ $295


Nubian twist: 6’ $165, $ 9’ $189, 12’ 230, 14’ $250, 16’ $295



Marley Twist

Regular size: 

Armpit length $190  midback length $230, waist length $275 







Human hair kinks n curls

(*reuse prices included*): 12’ $520-550 *(*220)14’ 600(*240), 16’ $650(*275) 18’$790(*340) , 20’ $860(*375) 22’ $890(*420) 24’ $930(*465) *one only prices including the hair, the hair can be used for 12months or more. 





Human hair Kink n curls third use of hair. 

permanent  Locs done as faux locs: 100% human hair

shoulder length-$580 armpit length-$750 midback-$980 prices including the hair.



Human hair Goddess locs

shoulder length:450 armpit length:$550 midback: $630 waist length: $750



Goddess locs done with synthetic hair

Goddess locs/faux locs: shoulder length-$250-275, armpit length $300-335, midback length $395, waist length $450


 Distress / butterfly faux locs  including hair

regular size 

Shoulder length: $280

armpit: $350

midback: $400

waist length $475


shoulder length: $265

armpit: $320

midback: $365

waist length: $400





Tribal braids: $175 and up 


ghana braids: $15 per braid


feed in cornrow style: $135 and up 





Silk press: $75 including wash and condition. please request for Our stylist ciara from wednesday-saturday. 

two strand twist: 65 and up 

Flat twist style: 85 and up 

wash and go style: $50 and up 


comb twist style : 65 and up 



flexi rod style: 65 and up 


starter locs comb twist $95and up 

Instant locs $400 and up 

Instant locs extensions(including hair) $580 and up 

instant goddess locs natural hair: $500 and up 

instant locs goddess locs extension: $800 and up

Interlock maintenance: $200 and up


kinks n curls crochet style(same price as kinksncurls individuals includes hair and install)( add *two row individuals prices are more* $35-$50 more.

Crochet invisible part( one dominant part)- $150

Crochet invisible part two dominant part and knotless teased front: $175

Crochet Knotless Perimeter/knotless part 2 dominant part: $195

Crochet with human hair(*we provide hair* call or text for more details)




crochet braids install(already braided hair bring your own hair): $135-$150

WEAVE EXTENSION STYLE Styling and wash includes in price

Traditional sew in minimal leave out: $200

traditional sew in(partial): $150

sew in with a closure: $250

NEW SERVICE ALERT(Brazilian Knots):$500 and up first few clients get 15% off the service. *We the provide hair as well*please ask about details on hair. price listed is not including the hair. 











Please add your name, phone number and email address to request appointment.